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Vegan Gift Basket Ideas

If you’re not a vegetarian or vegan, it’s hard to know what to get someone who is when the holidays and other special occasions call for a thoughtful gift. And while the thought of putting together a vegan gift basket may sound even more daunting, we’ve got some great thoughtful ideas for you. Whether it’s for a holiday, wedding, birthday gift, or the arrival of a new baby, a vegan gift basket will go along way toward saying you care about that person. Check out these ideas and save them for anytime you want to show your vegan special someone that you care.

Vegan Made Simple

Vegan products are any items that do not contain animal products, bi-products and who do not utilize or support animals being used for testing. This includes:

No foods containing milk, gourmet cheeses, other dairy items, eggs, meat, gelatin, whey, or honey.

No clothing or personal care items made of or with fur, leather, wool, or silk.

No cosmetics or self care products that have been tested on animals or contain animal by-products.

We got you. Just follow along.

Choose a Theme

First decide what kind of basket you want to do - all food and vegan snacks, all chocolate, all vegan beauty products, a nut and dried fruit basket, or just a variety of useful and tasty vegan items. No matter how you put it together, they’ll love it.

Easy Ideas

Choose from any or all of the following to include in your basket. Most are readily 

available at your local grocer; drug store or whole foods market and are clearly marked vegan on the packaging.

Beverages – Include vegan wine or champagne, fair trade coffee or a selection of fair trade tea.

Chocolate – There really is such a thing as vegan chocolate, and you’ll see it offered more and more in the candy isles. Grab a variety of vegan chocolate bars, bites and chocolate covered nuts to sweeten things up.

Fresh or Dried Herbs and Spices – Every cook loves fresh herbs and spices. If they don’t cook, choose another from the list.

Fruits – Include a variety of fresh and/or dried fruits, both available at your regular grocer.

Nuts and Nut Butters – Vegans tend to eat a lot of nuts and seeds and use a lot of seed and nut butters. Include a variety of both.

Personal Care Products – Consider a variety of vegan body bars, soap bars, creams, body wash, body scrub, shampoo, conditioner, bath bombs and body butter. Look for the vegan symbol, usually the letter v inside a circle. Include a sampling of essential oils.

Vegan Cookbook – If they cook. Otherwise, choose another from the list.

Organic Towels, Dish Cloths and Potholders - Choose bright or holiday colors. They brighten up the basket, and who doesn’t need them?

Vegan dish soaps and cleaners – Another thing everyone appreciates.

Baked & Gourmet Goodies – Consider including a vegan salsa, jam, stuffed olives or specialty artichokes. Include an artisan vegan bread or vegan cupcakes or brownies.

Vegan Snacks – Toss in some snack bags of edamame with sea salt, roasted chickpeas, trail mix, and the newest vegan snacking sensation to hit the market in a long time – our very own Popadelics™ Crunchy Mushroom Chips.


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With no reliance on animal products, it feels great to do better and feel better.

The first bite is almost a spiritual experience. Send out good vibrations with each and every crunch.

Buckle up, taste buds. These flavors are a wild ride, like a rollercoaster strapped to a space rocket.