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Popadelics: A Trippy Take On Fried Snacks

 by Rudy Sanchez on 02/22/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Fun-Gal Snacks founders Marilyn Yang and Michael Casali are passionate about health but were disappointed in the healthier-for-you chip options like seaweed and kale. For them, a healthy alternative to potatoes and corn packed with nutrition, flavorful, and satisfying would come from a somewhat unlikely source—mushrooms.

Fried Shitake caps are the base of new snack Popadelics, launching in three flavors: Rad Rosemary and Salt, Trippin' Truffle Parm, and Twisted Thai Chili. The mushrooms are vacuum-fried, using less oil and retaining more nutrients than deep-frying. Popadelics snacks are also vegan contains 8g of protein and 16g of fiber in every bag.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Though Popadelics get made from tasty mushrooms, they aren’t the kind you buy from a guy in the Coachella parking lot, and the new snack won’t make the walls dance. However, the branding and packaging take a dose of magic mushrooms as inspiration. Designed with agency Freshmade, the branding is a trippy throwback to the 70s, using bright gradients, wavy organic shapes, and funky typography. Enlarged photography featuring a well-seasoned mushroom cap dominates the front of the Popadelics bag.

Editorial photograph

In a press release, Marilyn Yang, co-founder and CEO of Fun-Gal Snacks, said, “We're super psyched to turn everyone on—even mushroom doubters—to the superpowers of shiitake mushrooms. Popadelics are only the beginning. We're on a mission to create innovative snacks that harness the benefits of mushrooms and other underloved veggies.”

Pre-sales for Popadelics will start February 22 via IndieGoGo.

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